Why Oxygen Training

Our Commitment to Quality

Oxygen Training’s primary focus is on learning and development with a true focus on quality, innovation and creativity. In depth personal feedback along with an open atmosphere at Oxygen Training puts participants at ease and encourages them to self-assess their strengths and weaknesses honestly.

Oxygen Training relies on a variety of training and facilitation methods and techniques. Used whenever applicable, these methods are aimed at enhancing individual and group interaction while maximizing learning.

  • Brief presentations by the consultant.
  • Group debriefs.
  • Individual and team exercises, indoors and outdoor.
  • Behavior modeling and role-plays.
  • One-to-one and group discussions.
  • Case studies, simulations and small projects.
  • Video films, videotaping and playback.
  • Self-analysis questionnaires and learning instruments.
  • Individual action plan